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Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with about the painted crosswalk agrees that if the city council allows this for one group it must allow it for other groups.

None of these people are anti-rainbow, anti-gay etc., they’re just citizens that want to know they’re not being excluded or treated unfairly. They want to know they have the same rights as other citizens. Where there is favoritism there is discrimination.

I believe this qualifies as discrimination, which could create problems for the city that didn’t exist before. More importantly, I feel concern for the very people who identify with this sidewalk who may have suffered at the hands of discrimination. They may not realize they are causing a rift where there was none and inadvertently widening the gap where there was by insisting on this distinction.

I believe the people of Bozeman are generally accepting of all people. We don’t need a painted crosswalk to prove that.

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Lisa Weaver