So often these days, the news carries stories about the lack of respect shown by young people. By contrast, I am pleased to share news of a recent display of great respect shown by the entire student body of Bozeman High School.

On Veteran’s Day I had the pleasure of attending an assembly at BHS. As the BHS Band, under the direction of Mr. Kelly Berdahl, played spirited music, the entire student body, faculty, and guests filled the South Gym to capacity. After our state and national flags were presented by a color guard, Principal Don Mills welcomed the crowd, and asked all to stand for our National Anthem. I saw a sea of young adults standing respectfully, with their hands over their hearts, fully respecting our flag. Not a soul in that crowd showed the slightest disrespect by squirming, jostling their neighbor, or talking.

The varied assembly program was nicely organized to honor veterans. The BHS dance team, under the direction of Cyndee Bishop, gave a stellar performance of “This is a Soldier.” This was a very moving modern-dance tribute to veterans. Numerous video clips of interviews with former Hawks, who are now serving in the various branches of the military, were shown. Two Native American singers presented drum and song pieces as a remembrance to veterans. Then the BHS band played a rousing rendition of the Armed Forces medley and veterans stood when they heard the song of their branch of service.

When Principal Mills asked for a moment of silence in honor of all veterans, one could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

Kudos to all Hawks and future Raptors!

Dan Biggerstaff