In response to Mr. Monforton's recent column, many students at Bozeman High School have been disappointed in him using his voice to misrepresent Bozeman High's inclusive environment.

After moving to Bozeman last year, and entering the high school, the very first thing I noticed was the sense of community, where people held onto each other, ensuring that all were receiving support. One can walk down the hall and pass the faces of thousands, all who have lived a different story, and who continue to grow through the supportive and nurturing environment that this school has to offer.

When Mr. Monforton's column was released, I felt disappointed in his choice of words, as well as his language towards the people who have been working so hard to make their beliefs heard about FCA's policies. When Monforton compared those in FCA to that of Jewish people in the Holocaust, one can note the insensitivity of this statement. Millions of people were murdered during the Holocaust for their beliefs and for who they were. People hid from the Gestapo in order to live, some hiding in my grandparent's basement in Bialystok, Poland. One another note, the back seats of the bus may get people to Montgomery at the same time as those in the front, the journey to get there far outweighs the destination.

I am proud to be a student of Bozeman High School, and I am proud of the people who are standing up for what they believe in and challenging a club whose beliefs go against district policy. We live in an environment where it is encouraged to stand up against injustice, and although Mr. Monforton finds frustration in these students' actions, it is important to note that he stands up for injustice every day on the legal stand.

Olivia Bulis