Okay people, this is one of your neighbors writing and I'd like to remain your neighbor. The drivers in town are very good about stopping at intersections to let pedestrians cross, but it's time you improved your stop-sign skills. The signs are there for a reason, to tell you to stop for safety reasons, so you can drive another day without getting T-boned.

In my south Bozeman neighborhood there are many unmarked intersections. Just because there isn't a stop sign doesn't mean it is an uncontrolled intersection. You still need to stop and look before driving through the intersection. We've had too many near misses while driving through the neighborhood trying to avoid clueless drivers.

So please, be as considerate to your fellow drivers as you are to your fellow pedestrians, and stop at the signs and the unmarked neighborhood intersections. Your life will appreciate you.

As a follow-up, it would be interesting if the Chronicle would do a story about the statistics of the crashes and accidents from people running stop signs and at unmarked intersections in the city.

Cara Priem