Border security should be a major to concern to every legal resident of the United States. Walls and fences by themselves serve little purpose but that is also very true of sensors and cameras without border guards or fencing. Gated communities are found to be safer that non-gated communities for the same reason. All the people who are friends and acquaintances who are legal immigrants who followed the process hate illegal immigration. I just cannot understand people who support illegal entry and illegal drugs which every Border Patrol interview I have heard state we need more tools and fencing and say drugs are coming across fast even at areas outside of ports. I hear self-proclaiming experts deny this daily but I trust the persons who work there. I also think it is no coincidence that each time our government seems to want a fence they are never able to pass it whether it is Republican or Democrat. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer himself and many others fought for the wall a little over 10 years ago. Why not now? A lot of flip-flopping going on is no coincidence. If we do not get this border problem under control we will lose the country we all love.

Ever wonder why some states can get away with breaking federal law creating sanctuary cities and the feds cannot stop it. It kind of leads us to believe that some states are turning into criminal countries outside of the power of the U.S.A. When will our government protect us from foreign threats and enforce the law?

Leslie Ball

Three Forks