I'm likely beating a dead horse, but Peter Arnone and John Peterson deserve a response. Arnone may not realize that you publish his diatribes almost, if not every month. His letters, though, would fit the definition of fake news.

He doesn't appreciate that Trump, rather than working at being president, spends enormous amounts of time tweeting retorts. Anyone who disagrees with him gets trashed or fired. He doesn't trust our justice or security systems, but likes most dictators and says so. I suspect he'd go crazy if the media didn't show up for every utterance.

If people just watch his televised speeches, he contradicts himself continuously. Regarding Benghazi, nobody badgers Trump about losing four special force men in Niger. Well-known men have lost face and position from sexual abuse and yet Trump has numbers in the teens of women who have accused him and no one seems to care. I suspect he may win re-election because the media is so addicted to him they report his every word to the exclusion of everyone else.

John Peterson may not be aware that Jane Fonda has apologized profusely for her actions. Does Mr. Peterson realize that Trump used a feeble bone-spur excuse to avoid serving in Vietnam? Does he also know that we lost more young Americans because Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger prolonged the war for political reasons that 300,000 vets have died from Agent Orange, that 312 vets who died from Agent Orange have been added to the Vietnam wall's list of combat dead? And the war was a stalemate.

Yet, the Senate just killed a bill preventing the president starting war without congressional approval. As Thomas Jefferson said, "I worry about our nation when I know that God is just."

Jerrold E. Johnson