As a former member of the Gallatin City-County Board of Health I was involved with previous actions concerning the Idaho Pole site.

During seasonal high ground water as recently as last year, I have observed seeps of water coming through the center of the pavement on L Street just north of the I-90 overpass. The seeps have an oily sheen on them, and given the age of the pavement I doubt the pavement is the source. I have also observed an oily sheen on pooled surface water on the north side of Bohart Lane near the Northwestern Energy substation. Both of these locations are up gradient from land along Rocky Creek currently for sale as a development opportunity.

I am concerned that allowing development on the Idaho Pole site and/or within the controlled groundwater site and the underground infrastructure that will entail, will provide a perfect conduit for contaminated water to be transported elsewhere. I do not think this site can be realistically separated into the surface cap and subsurface smear zone. I do not want a repeat of the debacle Bozeman taxpayers were saddled with concerning development that occurred down slope from the former city landfill.

I am also concerned that this delisting is driven more by a rush to develop instead of sound science and a concern for public health. I am equally concerned knowing that the delisting is being pushed by the current administration; an administration that is anti-science and has a history of reckless actions. I do not think the Idaho Pole site or any portion thereof should be delisted and opened for development.

Brian Leland