Clearly, the most important issue facing the upcoming Bozeman municipal elections is affordable housing.

I moved to Bozeman in 1979 (40 years!) arriving by Greyhound at the Bozeman Hotel with a hundred bucks. Was able to start a family, buy a home and then a business. Can a 19-year-old naif do that today?

Two homes in my neighborhood are on the market for around 500k. School debt, and the high cost of living make it hard to live and stay.

That's why I'm heartily support Cyndy Andrus for Bozeman mayor. Speaking with her, she helped me to understand the issue, and the progressive ideas to address affordable housing. Mayor Cyndy Andrus is one of 20 mayors across the country who are looking for solutions to the affordable housing. The group was convened by the National League of Cities. She's on the board.

Mayor Andrus deeply understands housing; it’s complicated. It’s going to take hard work with all, public and private to make headway. She has the experience, connections, and ideas to tackle housing. More important, she listened with compassion, and is serious about building a better Bozeman. For everyone.

We're lucky to have her as a hard working mayor. I’m proud to support her and hope you do also.

Billy McWilliams