I write to support the reelection of Mayor Cyndy Andrus, who has served on the Bozeman City Commission for 10 years. Andrus has shown herself to be a thoughtful leader who understands the role of a welcoming city, which includes leadership in the areas of justice – she advocates for equal pay and affordable housing – and public health and safety – she implemented a city resiliency plan in the face of climate change.

As Bozeman grows and our well-being is increasingly tied to global forces, the arts and other ways of knowing play crucial roles in visioning the city’s future. The mayor represents the values of Bozeman residents in advocating for the role of the arts to not only support our vibrant cultural life but as a catalyst for crucial community conversations. Andrus chairs the Montana Arts Council and sits on the boards of the Western Sates Arts Federation and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, and is thus well-positioned to bring creativity to the table in city decision-making.

Cyndy Andrus should be reelected to the City Commission and the office of mayor so that she can work with our next mayor and commissioners to keep Bozeman on a positive trajectory into the coming years.

Dede Taylor