As Bozeman grapples with unprecedented growth, we need hard-working, civic-minded leaders at city hall. Most deserving to be included in this category is our current mayor, Cyndy Andrus.

Here’s what I know about Mayor Andrus: She is fair-minded, balanced and shows up ready to work. She understands the process of government and runs an efficient meeting — a skill not to be underestimated for the position of mayor. She has the ability to guide Bozeman forward to promote city leadership on issues such as affordable housing, economic development and protection of our quality of life.

Mayor Andrus is a strong advocate for Bozeman. She has been innovative and effective when representing the city before the Montana Legislature. She is a statewide leader in advancing arts and culture. And, she brings an enduring commitment to clean air and water, and champion’s parks and trails as essential public infrastructure.

Mayor Andrus has earned her stripes to continue in her city leadership role. She’s smart, she’s tough and she’s engaged. This November, please join me in voting for Cyndy Andrus for a second term as mayor.

Maddy Pope