It's interesting to read the Chronicle's series on climate change. Unfortunately information regarding climate change seems to come in the same package and is difficult to digest and accept.

These forecasters are either preaching at us, demeaning us for being greedy and self-interested or trying to frighten us. This process reminds me of the 1968 Paul Ehrlich book, "The Population Bomb," where he attempted to frighten humanity by providing a dreadful, dystopian forecast for a world where all resources would be exhausted. His theories were refuted by Julian Simon who won a $1,000 bet with Ehrlich by proving that a free, capitalist society can overcome any and all challenges.

Ehrlich and climate change forecasters seem to be using the "chicken little syndrome," and to be warning us that, "the sky is falling." One item in the forecast that is obvious is that the United States has done exceptionally well in eliminating pollution and CO2. This was accomplished through the implementation of natural gas replacing coal in power generation. Why can't we obviate this problem with natural gas, nuclear power and American technological genius.

Maybe we don't have to destroy the economy, start living in caves and terrify our children in order to solve this problem. There is a new book out, "More From Less," by Andrew McAfee, that suggest ways to, "save the planet with capitalism."

California seems to be setting a bad example with power blackouts, gas prices through the roof and socialism. Can we ignore their example?

Thomas Tursich