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Ah, the blizzard of buzzwords. Are politics near? An election day close by?

We are well into the season of emotionally charged language. And it continues to be frightening how many people mistake emotion for logic.

We're still reeling from the knee-jerk response to "liberal." Most everyone but the brave and well informed equates it with "The Dark Force."

Now there's an old-new word on the scene: "socialism." OMG. That's a word that triggers heart attacks. Actually, its effect is worse: the mere mention of "socialism" apparently causes strokes/brain injury in the "truly American" Americans.

Now there is a cure: accurate information. Turn to the American Heritage Dictionary (i.e., the American Heritage Dictionary): "A social system in which the producers possess both political power and the means of producing and distributing goods." Whoops! Who are these producers? Congress? The president? Lobbyists? Corporations? Military-industrial complexes? Labor unions? Local businesses? Private industry? Purveyors of free enterprise? Help me out here. It would seem helpful if we identify our targets before we throw stones.

If we insist on being wrongly righteous, let's turn our thoughts into action: If we feel strongly that socialism is total government control and the absence of free enterprise, let's stand up and be counted! Refuse to take our Social Security checks or be insured by Medicare. Don't drive on the interstate. Refuse to pay taxes to support our national defense. Oh, the list goes on. But we must be careful where we throw those stones!

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Frank Seitz