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I was frustrated to read White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's self-centered explanation about why she would not wear a mask to the rally in Tulsa on Saturday. Ms. McEnany stated, "It's a personal choice. I am tested regularly…"

She is tested routinely and frequently because of her position in the administration and this testing protocol enables her risky behavior. I wonder if Ms. McEnany would behave more prudently if she was tested less frequently or if the COVID-19 test would be available only when she displayed symptoms or had been exposed to the disease, as is the case for most Americans. And I wonder how much all of COVID-19 tests she receives cost the American public.

Ms. McEnany and other officials in the White House administration continue to defy medical and professional recommendations regarding personal safety and how to decrease or slow the spread of COVID-19. And with their positions of leadership in the U.S. they continue to set bad examples for the American public.

The CDC recommends that "everyone should wear a cloth face cover when leaving their homes." Maybe if enough Americans wear face coverings the administration will learn by example and start behaving responsibly.

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Anne Gibson