I, and most conservatives, have had our fill of leftist letter writers and a corrupt media spewing their hate, lies and ignorance. Solutions to problems come from intelligent debate and yet the typical leftist relies solely on a steady diet of CNN, Trump-hating quotes from the N.Y. Times and Washington Post, absurd opinions from useless idiots like AOC and the “squad,” and listening to the Democrat Socialist Party’s “best and brightest” tell us that we will be better off trading opportunity and freedom for government care and hand-outs (even though they all got rich thanks to the free enterprise system).

Missing in letters from desperate local leftists is any defense of their party’s call for open borders, sanctuary cities, socialism, unrestricted abortion, abolishing ICE and the Electoral College, letting criminals vote from prison, promoting violence (Antifa), suggesting a government takeover of our health care system including free care for illegal immigrants, and raising our taxes to pay for it all! If Trump were a Democrat they’d be singing his praises!

A political party must be anchored with good, workable ideas. Simply “hating” Trump shouldn’t warrant a single vote but that is all they have! Anyone who votes for them without challenging the absurd “pie in the sky” elements of the Democrat platform is quite simply a clueless fool! Gaffe-prone Biden leads all their polls because he is viewed as their only leading candidate with the slightest connection to common sense and values of the traditional Democrat party as they knew it.

Now that I have that off my chest I’d like to complement Gail Schontzler for another excellent article, "Hillman at 100." We and the Chronicle are lucky to have her!

Dan Klusmann