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I love absentee voting because I can take the time to pore over the voter information packet to make informed decisions on issues and candidates rather than deciding on the spur of the moment in the voting booth.

I may have made my mind up on issues and candidates that are high in profile, but I’d like to make good decisions on all matters that come before me as a voter – state, county, and city office holders have important responsibilities too, and some of the referenda and initiatives may have far-reaching consequences that aren’t spelled out.

I may need to study up a little before I have the confidence to decide. Voting has become an increasingly challenging task and yet nothing we do as citizens is more important. Absentee voting is simply the smarter way to vote. I urge you to sign up to vote absentee today so you too can vote with the confidence that comes from knowing who and what you’re voting on!

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Joan Rostad