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I have been thinking about the patriotic sacrifices made by the home front Greatest Generation during World War II. In 1942, Bozeman architect Fred Willson wrote in his diary:

Feb. 1: Gov. requires registering with sheriff all fire arms

March 5: Radio states 22,000,000 cars are to be taken off of roads & highways & that people may have to turn their tires over to the government & block up the cars.

April 2: Radio reports sale of bicycles will be frozen at 11:59 p.m. too many being purchased for pleasure.

April 7: Washington states all construction work is to be frozen

April 22: U.S. coming up against rationing which will bring to people the idea that we are at war. 

April 23: Motorists ordered not to drive over 40 mi per hour.

Then I think about those who refuse to wear masks to protect others from COVID, presently with more dead than the combat deaths in WWI, Korea, Vietnam, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

“The American cult of the individual denies not just community but the very idea of society. No one owes anything to anyone. All must be prepared to fight for everything: education, shelter, food, medical care. What every prosperous and successful democracy deems to be fundamental rights – universal health care, equal access to quality public education, a social safety net for the weak, elderly, and infirmed – America dismisses as social indulgences, as if so many signs of weakness.”  — The Unraveling of America by Wade Davis

A true patriot cares about and sacrifices for the welfare of others, people he may never know, in order to serve a greater good.

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Richard Brown