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African studies at MSU Bozeman? (Chronicle, “The tipping point: Black Student Union demands action from MSU.”) Other than president Waded Cruzado’s $400,000 salary, I cannot think of a bigger waste of taxpayer and student money at MSU. I also cannot think of anything more ridiculous.

Years ago, when I was thinking about taking a degree at MSU, a friend told me to major in business or engineering, if I ever wanted to get a decent-paying job after graduating. I did not listen and majored in history. He was right. A history degree is close to worthless. Even a second-string basketball player with a degree in communications can find more work.

However, being a Vietnam War veteran, the government paid most of my college costs. So I cannot whine about having a worthless degree and a giant tuition loan. But I have no idea what Ashley from Wibaux is going to do with her degree in African studies and all her student loans. Maybe she will hit the college lecture circuit and give talks on being exploited and oppressed. Who knows?

The only consolation I can think of, as MSU offers more useless courses and awards more useless degrees, is that my useless degrees will become more valuable when compared to what MSU is producing today.

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Don Peter Mellon