Most readers probably read the story of the cat rescued from a tree featured on the front page of the Chronicle on Aug. 6 with little more than a chuckle. It was intended to provide a break from the drone of sometimes terrifying and typically stressful daily news.

And it did its job. It took our minds off weightier things. Upon reflection, perhaps it was a bit more than just a diversion but another example of what makes our community special.

The cat’s owner determined the animal had sought refuge up the tree but was unable to lure it down despite offerings of tuna and sardines. Knowing the cat could only survive so long without food and water, the owner called numerous potential rescuers. But they all lacked the expertise or equipment to snare the errant feline.

Finally, pair of off-duty firefighters who had responded earlier with the department’s trucks and determined they couldn’t reach the cat, returned with climbing gear and managed to negotiate the distance up the tree and retrieve the cat.

The firefighters weren’t looking for any glory or monetary reward. They simply empathized with a distressed animal and its owner and decided to rectify the situation. An act of selflessness like that heightens our awareness of similar acts happening around us daily.

Our small community is blessed with a wealth of volunteerism. You see it the many unique community events that wouldn’t be possible without unpaid help. You see it in the many non-profit organizations that rely on the time, talent and dedication of our citizens. And you see it when kind people step up to help others who might just need a little help.

That’s worth celebrating.

Yes, these are tense and unpredictable times. It’s easy to get overwrought when reading day after day about mass shootings, economic gyrations, the rise of white supremacy, trade wars and shooting wars.

But it makes sense to stop every once and a while and appreciate the good things that happen around us every day.

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