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Some serious props go out to the Sunrise Rotary Club for past and still-to-come improvements to the Glen Lake Rotary Park – the hugely popular recreation area on the north side of Bozeman.

From the seemingly farfetched vision of the former landowner Glen Hash of turning what was a weed-infested gravel pit into a park, the Rotarians took up the cause and has spent the last 28 years making it a year-round destination for so many urban recreationists.

Now the club has unveiled a 10-year master plan to enhance the park’s amenities even further. Planned improvements include new access points, trails and parking along with more landscaping, an expanded beach area, a new playground and pavilion. The combination of state, city and private involvement in the park required a master plan for the improvements. The Bozeman City Commission approved that plan last week.

What makes the Rotary effort notable is that it harnesses private-sector resources and puts them to work expanding and improving amenities at the park known locally as Bozeman Beach. Those private sector efforts represent welcome relief to beleaguered property taxpayers who are being called upon more and more to underwrite the city’s infrastructure – including trails and parks.

The Rotary effort is reminiscent of another service group’s effort on the west end of town. At the Bozeman ponds, the Breakfast Optimist Club took three separate ponds that were remains of an old state fish hatchery and turned them into a single pond and added restrooms, trails, parking and a pavilion – improvements that made that area another inviting respite for city dwellers.

These efforts by service groups often get little of the recognition they deserve. The improvements to Glen Lake and the Bozeman Pond go a long way toward improving the quality of life in the city with minimal use of public resources.

Spring is just around the corner and with it will come the warm weather that invites recreationists outdoors. And as many of those head for Glen Lake Park and the Bozeman Pond, they are urged to extend a little gratitude to the service clubs that made these places possible.

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