Montanans like to jest that we have just two seasons here: winter and construction. The latter is in full swing in and around Bozeman with numerous street and road projects underway. That means that what is usually a beeline across town to get to work or do some shopping has become a series of zigs and zags that has your odometer spinning.

As frustrating as this can be, it’s a necessary nuisance. There are only so many months at this latitude when this kind of work can be done. But there are ways to minimize the hassles.

Plan ahead and leave early if you know you’re going to be running into construction delays. Getting out the door a few minutes before your usual departure time can ensure you get to your destination on time. Or figure out an alternate route that avoids construction zones. Mapping out a different way to get to your destination can spare you headaches behind the wheel.

Learn ahead of time about what you’re going to run into. Consult the city of Bozeman street reports on the city’s website at This page lists all the construction planned around town for the season. It includes an interactive map you can click on for up-to-date info on particular jobs. And it includes a link the street report Facebook page where you can find the latest street closure news.

If you’re headed beyond the city limits to other locales around the state, you can find out about state construction projects at Changing routes or leaving early for that road trip can help you get to your destination on time.

Whatever your plans, whether it’s just getting to a dentist appointment or visiting relatives in the far-flung corners of the state, always remember that traffic delays are no excuse for rash behavior. Slow down and obey the posted speed limits through construction sites. And always be prepared to stop and heed the instructions of signs and flaggers.

No amount of urgency is worth risking the safety of construction workers.

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