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Despite our remote location and relatively sparse population, Southwest Montana has been thrust onto the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus.

A pair of major pharmaceutical companies have enlisted Bozeman Health in their effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech chose Bozeman Health as one of just 120 organizations to participate in late-stage trials for potential vaccines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is a big deal. This is one of the leading efforts to develop this most important vaccine, and the fact Bozeman Health was invited to participate is a testament to the reputation of the organization’s clinical research capabilities.

The search for a coronavirus vaccine has been launched on an unprecedented scale. Vaccines typically take years to develop. But trials for potential vaccines for this virus have reached the final stages of development in mere months.

The chief physician officer for Bozeman Health, Mark Williams, said the organization has done research work for Pfizer in the past and that is likely why Bozeman Health was chosen to take part in this vital work. Williams also noted this designation could lead to more important clinical research opportunities and that, in turn, can attract prestigious experts in the field to affiliate with Bozeman Health.

That’s important.

Bozeman is an attractive place to live. But, because of its relatively remote location, those who choose to make this their home make certain sacrifices, giving up many amenities that are routinely available in large urban areas. And this includes the availability of health care options. But Southwest Montanans are fortunate in that many cutting-edge medical technologies are available here. And attracting high-profile health care providers contributes to that availability.

Researchers are awaiting more direction on how the trials are to be conducted and are not yet seeking participants in the vaccine trials. They will be making plans to complete the work in the days ahead.

In the meantime, Bozeman Health administrators and researchers are congratulated on being chosen for this work and making Southwest Montanans participants in the battle to defeat the coronavirus.

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