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Virginia Dowdy Ginny Dowdy passed away on June 19, 2021. She was 84. Ginny was born in Fulton, Kentucky in Oct. 1936. She was the oldest of three. Ginny worked hard as the caretaker of her two brothers. She became a master seamstress who made most of her own clothes. This blossomed into a wonderful quilting hobby that she enjoyed for many years. When she was 12, she met a handsome military man in uniform at her grandmother's house in Tennessee. She was smitten with him at the time, but she was just a little girl. Four years later, they crossed paths in Chicago where Ginny found her soul mate Dan again. After a short courtship, they were married in 1953. In 1954, they welcomed Gary Daniel into their lives. In 1957, Russell Wayne joined them. Dan was a mountain man at heart so in 1959 the little family moved to Evergreen, Colorado. They absolutely loved the mountains and they thrived! Hunting, camping and construction took up all their free time. In 1961 they welcomed Cathy Lynn who was followed in 1964 by Wanda Gail. Together, Dan and Ginny built several homes in the mountain community and nurtured their family with love and adventure. Epic hunting and camping trips were the norm for them, they loved everything about the mountains and the bounty within. In 1972, Dan and Ginny moved to Bridger, Montana. After one year, they found a campground in Gardiner for sale, so they were on the move again. They used their strong construction and business skills to build a nice home for the family. In 1986, her son Russ was killed in a plane crash in Bozeman. It was, to say the least, a crushing time for the family. As part of their healing, Dan and Ginny responded by deciding to "GO BIG" in 1987, and they began construction on a hotel on the campground property, The Yellowstone Village Inn. One month after opening the doors in the Spring, the Yellowstone fire of 1988 started. It was a dicey time to start a new business, but with a strong will to succeed, Dan and Ginny not only survived that year but went on to double the size of the hotel the next year. It became a complete success that thrives to this day. With this success, they enjoyed the snowbird life in their motorhome for a while until they found land in Arizona in 1995, where they built yet another home. In 2006 Dan was called home. Ginny moved back to the hotel in Gardiner with her daughter, Wanda (Manry), and her family, Bert, Sarah and Taylor. She was able to see the hotel completely renovated and grown even larger. Ginny had a quick wit about her that we all enjoyed! She had a spark of enthusiasm that was infectious to everyone. We loved to make her laugh! Ginny will be greatly missed and remembered as a smart, hard worker that was a leader in every respect.

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