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Letter to the editor: Your vote is your voice, make sure it's heard

May 3, 2022, when the Supreme Court draft to end our right to reproductive freedom was leaked to the public, is a day that may go down in history as … Read more

Letter to the editor: Grubbs is about solutions, deserves primary vote

Bruce Grubbs is a candidate for House District 68 in the upcoming primary election. I have known Bruce for over 20 years beginning with his long tenu… Read more

Letter to the editor: Neumann the fighter Democrats need to win in November

As the readers of this publication know, Montana has been given a second seat in the House of Representatives. Our current sole representative has di… Read more

Letter to the editor: Keep an eye on who is funding congressional campaigns

All candidates need money to run a campaign. However, it is my view and probably others that the amount of money poured into election campaigns has d… Read more


Guest column: Ensuring we have the next say on abortion rights

For women, our life course is determined by deciding whether we have children, how many we have, and with whom we have them. Obtaining a degree, having a career, volunteering in our communities, taking care of elderly parents, or raising kids are pu… Read more

Guest column: Montana DEQ needs to hold Big Sky accountable

A Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MT DEQ) Engineer recently testified before a federal jury during a Clean Water Act lawsuit that the Big Sky Water and Sewer District (BSWS) should “certainly” repair leaky liners of their treated sewage… Read more


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