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Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices said Thursday that his office has worked out the kinks in the electronic reporting of state cand…

The Fourth of July is mainly a time to celebrate our nation, but it can also be used to highlight issues that should receive more national debate.

While a statewide group, the Progressive Change Committee, tries to organize support for a Brian Schweitzer for Senate campaign, the former Mo…

Nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. But while death is pretty simple, the U.S. tax code tends to make decoding DNA look simple.

The biggest political happening locally last week was the state Republican convention, where simmering internal resentment was predicted to ex…

America’s infrastructure is continuing to degrade, posing potential business challenges as the transportation of goods and services is threatened.

Montana’s U.S. senators have added a few provisions to the 2013 Farm Bill that was debated on the Senate floor this week.

The speculative hubbub has not died down since U.S. Sen. Max Baucus announced he would not seek re-election.

On Thursday, the U.S. House passed House Resolution 1406, titled the Working Families Flexibility Act.

The governor’s pen was busy both signing and denying bills this week.

This was the biggest week for Montana politics since the November election.

More Montana legislative rules were exploited this week during final political maneuvering as the session draws to a close.

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Friday was the deadline for transmitting referendum bills between Legislative houses, making last week fraught with possible rule-bending.

A bill’s success depends on having the right number of votes at the right time.

Rep. Steve Daines visited Montana State University on Friday and commented on a variety of topics, from the national debt to campaign reform.

This week, a Senate resolution ordering a study on how to improve the viability of state-run historic sites like Virginia City was sent back t…

The budget sequestration led the week’s political headlines, and now the nation will deal with its aftermath.

This week will be the last few days for Montana legislators to introduce and pass bills in time to transfer them between houses, so arguments …

Gov. Steve Bullock was busy in Bozeman Thursday promoting a few favored bills.

Two controversial education bills in the Montana Legislature had opposite levels of success this week.

In November, three-quarters of Montanans indicated that they want corporate money out of political campaigns by passing Initiative 166. But th…

People may question some of the laws that make it through Montana’s Legislature, but the process weeds out plenty of would-be bills.

At this early stage of the Montana Legislative session, most bills are still being heard in committees. While some languish after their first …

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