Identity Evropa at MSU

An Identity Evropa sticker was posted on campus at Montana State.

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A Montana State University Army ROTC cadet also serving in the Montana National Guard is being investigated by the military for ties to a white nationalist group that has blanketed Montana’s cities and college campuses with racist propaganda since 2016.

Cadet Jay Harrison, 20, of Kalispell, was named as a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa on March 7 by an Oregon anti-fascist organization that compared information from Harrison’s since deleted social media accounts and public information to the white nationalist group’s leaked internal communications.

The leak came from independent journalist collective Unicorn Riot, which earlier this month published a searchable database of an Identity Evropa chat room server hosted by the popular service Discord.

The dossier published by Eugene Antifa claims Harrison posted frequently in the chat room under the username “Lawrence of Eurabia.” That user posted that they are an MSU student, ROTC cadet and Montana National Guardsman from Kalispell, who favors the name “Jay,” has green eyes and blue hair, is 5-foot-10 and weighs 170 pounds.

All of those descriptors match Harrison, except the weight, which is within 5 pounds of the weight listed for Harrison in his Flathead High School wrestling profile.

Montana State University Army ROTC department head Lt. Col. Ryan Williams confirmed on March 11 that Harrison is under investigation for alleged ties to white nationalism, and that “the Army doesn’t tolerate racism.”

Williams referred specific questions to Maj. Robert Carter, the chief of public affairs at U.S. Army Cadet Command at Fort Knox in Kentucky. Carter confirmed the investigation is ongoing and being conducted by Williams and the brigade commander in charge of the Army’s westernmost ROTC programs.

“We are committed to diversity and excellence,” Carter said.

A spokesperson for MSU last week declined to comment on the military investigations into Harrison, said the university is committed to the principles of free speech and student privacy, and denounced Identity Evropa and their supremacist ideology.

Reached by phone on March 11, Harrison identified himself by first name but said nothing further and hung up when informed he was speaking to a reporter. He has not responded to an email.

An attorney representing Harrison, Brian Tanko of Kalispell, said in an emailed statement on March 12 that Harrison learned of Identity Evropa in November 2018 through postings at MSU but cut all ties earlier this month.

“Mr. Harrison is not associated with Identity Evropa,” Tanko said in the statement.

When Unicorn Riot released Identity Evropa’s chat logs in early March, the group’s leader declared the group had dissolved, though Unicorn Riot claims it has merely rebranded itself as the American Identity Movement.

November 2018 is when the Lawrence of Eurabia user was first added to Identity Evropa’s chat room.

“Welcome to Identity Evropa Jay,” wrote Valaska, an Identity Evropa member who has claimed responsibility for dozens of propaganda distributions across Montana.

“I’m mailing a check tomorrow for payment,” wrote Lawrence of Eurabia, referencing new member dues.

Chat messages by Lawrence of Eurabia’s account appear in another white nationalist server leaked by Unicorn Riot, that of Nationalist Review, a podcast produced by James Allsup, a white supremacist and Identity Evropa member who was elected as the president of the Washington State University College Republicans. Allsup stepped down after attending 2017’s deadly Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in January was expelled from the Whitman County Republican Party after winning an unopposed election to a minor party post.

Lawrence of Eurabia began posting in Allsup’s chatroom in January 2018, and that April posted an anti-Semitic tirade alleging Jewish world domination and denying the Holocaust.

I wish the holocaust had been real,” Lawrence of Eurabia wrote. “Not one (Jew) was ever gassed.”

Harrison’s attorney did not answer questions relating to those anti-Semitic statements attributed to Lawrence of Eurabia.

In leaked chats, Lawrence of Eurabia claims to have been present at Identity Evropa’s Defend the Rockies rally at the Flathead County Courthouse in January, but says he hid in a car to avoid being seen by a relative.

On March 1, Lawrence of Eurabia posted a photo of an Identity Europa sticker posted on Montana State University’s campus.

“Heavy foot traffic area between classes, good spot for my one sticker left,” Lawrence of Eurabia posted, which appears to contradict a claim by Eugene Antifa that Harrison has yet to distribute propaganda like other members of Identity Evropa.

Like Allsup, Lawrence of Eurabia advocates infiltrating mainstream political groups and winning election, and said in posts in January that he intends to infiltrate MSU College Republicans and the university’s new chapter of Turning Point USA, a right-wing, anti-tax group.

“People like us need to be getting involved in the government, nobody has to know are true beliefs but we need to run as Trumpians. James was an easy target cause he’s open about it,” Lawrence of Eurabia wrote, referencing Allsup.

In 2016, white nationalist Taylor Rose ran for a Montana House of Representatives seat in Flathead County, and was endorsed as a “nationalist candidate” by the white nationalist American Freedom Party, whose defunct youth wing was led by the neo-Nazi founder of Identity Evropa.

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