Vivian Mohl, EDP

Vivian Mohl poses for a photo next to a stack of papers on Saturday in the printing area at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

In 1984, Vivian Mohl took over her son’s paper route. She has been delivering the Bozeman Daily Chronicle ever since.

Mohl, 76, is the Chronicle’s longest-serving carrier and is rarely the subject of customer complaints. Occasionally, her husband or her neighbor help her as she juggles her second job driving rental cars.

“I enjoy it. I’ve got good customers,” she said. “It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. In the summertime, it’s beautiful.”

Her route begins at 11 p.m. She comes to the Chronicle’s West College Street office, stacks newspapers on her passenger seat and places plastic bags on her dashboard.

By about midnight, she heads out, spending 3.5 hours driving 48 miles to deliver 314 newspapers.

Mohl does everything she can for her customers.

For the elderly or handicapped, she tosses their newspaper near their garages, so they don’t have to walk to their mailboxes to collect it.

For new customers, she often visits their homes during the daytime to ensure she can locate them at night without using a flashlight and possibly waking them.

When the newspapers she delivered to Barnard Construction began vanishing, she left a fake note saying security cameras had been installed. The newspapers stopped disappearing.

Mohl’s customers recognize her hard work, giving her notes, tips and gifts, particularly during the holidays.

One customer, an elderly woman who lives solely off her Social Security check, once left Mohl a $10 tip. Knowing the woman didn’t have much money, Mohl returned the tip, saying, “My job is to take care of you.”

A few days later, the woman baked her a loaf of bread.

“That’s the best gift I’ve ever received,” Mohl said.

She anticipates continuing her route for years to come.

“It becomes automatic,” she said. “It’s part of the routine.”

Perrin Stein is the county, state and federal government reporter for the Chronicle.

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