Everyday People: Tiffany Hays

Hypnotist Tiffany Hays stands by the chair where her clients sit during sessions. After hypnosis helped change her life, she started her own practice.

After getting into a car crash about a decade ago, Tiffany Hays was terrified of driving. No matter what she did, she struggled to get behind the wheel.

Then, she downloaded a hypnosis app. It changed her mindset and her life, enabling her to enjoy driving again.

Her experience prompted her to research hypnosis, a mental state people use to alter their behavior and achieve their goals, and used it on some clients, helping them work through issues like stress and anxiety.

Hays eventually took a course to become a certified hypnotist. In May, she opened a practice, Headway Hypnosis, on Fairview Drive, where she helps clients find and address the root causes of their problems.

During each 90-minute session, Hays talks with her clients to understand their challenges, helps them enter hypnosis and teaches them self-hypnosis, so they can use the practice themselves.

“I’m a guide or facilitator, helping people go into a powerful state of awareness where they can figure out for themselves what is going on and can make changes to achieve optimal results,” she said.

While her clients are in hypnosis, Hays uses several techniques to help them change. Among the techniques are direct suggestion — probably the most well-known aspect of hypnosis.

“I would never make people bark like a dog,” she said. “Direct suggestion is a part of the work, but it’s more about discovering what is causing your behavior and habits and then changing that.”

Since opening her practice, Hays said she has seen clients make improvements like going from being afraid of public speaking to scheduling public speaking events.

“It’s so fulfilling to see the practical results,” she said. “People come in and they’re happier, they’re freer, they can do things they always wanted to but could never figure out how.”

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