A black bear was euthanized Thursday after multiple reports of the animal getting into backyards, disturbing livestock and recently following a woman and her two dogs on a Bozeman trail.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said in a news release that the bear was captured Thursday after it was following a woman who was walking two dogs in Lindley Park. The Bozeman Police Department and animal control officers helped with the removal.

FWP said in the release that the bear was euthanized because, after receiving food rewards in the urban area and being undeterred by humans, it posed a risk to property and public safety.

Mark Deleray, Bozeman regional supervisor, said in the release that FWP had no choice but to remove the bear. He said FWP’s goal is to keep wildlife in the wild. That’s getting harder to do, he said, as cities expand into those areas.

“It is very difficult to control wild animal behavior, but we have a better chance of modifying human behavior to reduce conflicts with wildlife,” he said.

FWP was first notified of the 2-year-old bear on June 28, when it was seen at a Bozeman home in the middle of the day. Several people reported on different occasions that the same bear was getting into a pen with goats and chickens, chasing animals and at the backdoor of another home.

The release said the bear initially left homes when it was shot at, but in a more recent incident, the bear stuck around, despite homeowners’ attempts to chase it off. Montana law allows property owners to kill predators pursuing livestock, according to the release.

The release said people could help eliminate the need to relocate or destroy bears by securing food and garbage.

State law prohibits people from feeding wildlife. The release said bears that become accustomed to receiving food from humans could pose threats to human safety and property.

FWP has captured five bears in Gallatin County this year, the release said. Three of those were relocated to other areas; two have now been euthanized.

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