Godfrey Saunders

Belgrade Schools Superintendent Godfrey Saunders, formerly Bozeman High’s principal, has been picked to lead the Belgrade School District for another year.

Belgrade School District officials are negotiating a contract to hire former Bozeman High School Principal Godfrey Saunders as its one-year interim superintendent.

Belgrade School Board Trustees unanimously chose Saunders over current Belgrade High School Principal Paul Lamb and Office of Public Instruction Deputy Superintendent Tim Tharpe. Tharpe was choosen as the board’s No. 2 pick in a 6-1 vote with Chairman Peter Morgan opposing.

Saunders is no stranger to the district. He has helped administration in different forms over the years. Saunders served as Bozeman High principal from 1997 to 2009.

Trustees said the high school couldn’t afford to lose Lamb at this time, but encouraged him to apply for the superintendent position next year.

Candidates were asked about a dozen questions with most of the queries revolving around team building and community engagement.

Trustees said Tuesday, and at other meetings, the district needs help bringing staff together and connecting better with the community.

If negotiations are successful, watch for a follow-up story in Thursday’s edition of the Belgrade News.