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Celine Saucier and Jayde Wilmes love to eat.

The duo, both from Michigan, met in Bozeman through a mutual friend and hit it off over their love of food and nostalgia for the Midwest. They joked together that they should start a food Instagram page, like the ones they both followed that are based on the East Coast.

“Jayde decided, one day she texted me and said ‘well, I started an Instagram for us,’” Saucier said.

That’s how Always Hungry Montana, or @alwayshungrymontana on Instagram, got started. The page began in 2018 with a post about a tuna tower at Dave’s Sushi and recently hit a milestone — now, more than 4,000 followers want to know what Saucier and Wilmes are eating next.

“We were really surprised at how fast it took off at the very beginning, just because Montana didn’t have a food page before we created one,” Wilmes said. “We had a lot of restaurants that were eager for us to come in and we had some really great connections with people.”

Since starting the page, Wilmes and Saucier have gone on trips around Montana and elsewhere — most notably, Las Vegas — with food as the main driver. Sometimes, they’re sponsored: for example, during a recent Smelterman’s Brewfest in Anaconda, they received a stipend to eat, drink and post about all of the above.

“We do so many (trips) where we’re like, ‘let’s go to Missoula for a weekend, or Billings, or Vegas,’ just all based around eating and so it’s really fun,” Saucier said.

Like essentially everything else, Always Hungry Montana had to change gears at the beginning of the pandemic.

Wilmes and Saucier started highlighting takeout and to-go cocktails they ordered from local restaurants. They also started showing off the meals they cooked at home.

When restaurants started re-opening for dine-in, they were eager to get back out and continue promoting eating local. Some favorite Bozeman restaurants include Blacksmith Italian, Blackbird, Dave’s Sushi and Los Jarochos.

Always Hungry Montana

Celine Saucier feeds Jayde Wilmes a bite of her macaroni and cheese over lunch at the Roost Fried Chicken on May 18, 2021. The long-time friends run a shared Instagram account, Always Hungry Montana, where they've racked up over 4,000 followers.

“I think (the pandemic) made us realize the best part about this community,” Saucier said. “We’ve gone to different places, new places that opened up during COVID, and there was just so much local support.”

Something neither Saucier nor Wilmes expected when starting the Always Hungry page was being recognized while out and about.

About a year into running the page together, someone stopped the two while they were walking somewhere downtown.

“She was like, ‘oh you guys are from Always Hungry, I’m fangirling,’” Saucier said. “We were like, ‘for us?’”

More recently, Wilmes bumped into a fan while at the Bozeman Hot Springs. She told Wilmes that she’s discovered new restaurants by following Always Hungry Montana and now looks at the page when trying to decide where to go out to eat.

“That’s exactly why we started it, is to highlight these places and get people interested in places they hadn’t been to or food that they maybe hadn’t tried,” Wilmes said.

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