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Members of the Gallatin County Search and Rescue Team slept out overnight near Naya Nuki Peak in the Bridger Mountains with two people who called 911 Sunday evening after they got lost trying to ski the Great One Sunday.

A Bozeman woman and her friend from New Jersey hiked from Ferry Fairy Lake and ended up south of the Great One, their intended ski slope located south of Sacajawea Peak, according to a press statement from Gallatin County Sheriff's Lt. Jason Jarrett.

The two were stuck on a cliff without appropriate gear to spend the night, the press release said.

Their 911 call went to Park County dispatch, which does not have a cell phone GPS location system, and was subsequently relayed to Gallatin County searchers who spent more than two hours looking for the skiers.

A small headlamp beam alerted rescuers in a helicopter to the pair's location. Team members were lowered onto the ridge above the errant hikers and climbed down to them. By then, however, it was too dark and dangerous to lower the lost skiers off of the cliff.

The rescuers brought the hikers food, water and clothing and stayed with them overnight. More team members were dropped by a helicopter to the ridge early Monday morning to help lower the pair off the cliff to a landing zone where they were picked up and taken to the Bridger Bowl parking lot.

Neither of the hikers, who the sheriff's office did not identify, was injured.


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