L E G A L: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATION Montana Public Service Commission Regulatory Division P.O. Box 202601 Helena, Montana 59620-2601 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR OPERATING AUTHORITY - DOCKET T-17.24.COC Carefree Concierge, LLC, 2712 Langohr Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, has filed application with the Montana Public Service Commission, under Title 69, Chapter 12, MCA, for a Montana Intrastate Certificate of Compliance authorizing transportation of the following: Class B - Passengers in non-rate regulated service between all points and places in Montana. Pursuant to Administrative Rules of Montana, Title 38, Chapter 2, Subchapter 24, any persons opposed to this application on the basis of fitness are required to mail their written protests to the Commission at the following address: Montana Public Service Commission, Regulatory Division, PO Box 202601, Helena, MT 59620-2601. Protests must be postmarked by August 9, 2017. PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the person submitting a protest to ensure the postmark date. The postmark date on the envelope will control, and late protests will not be accepted. If a person submitting a protest is unsure of the postmark date, he/she should check with the post office. A copy of the protest must be mailed to the applicant. If no written protests are received by August 9, 2017, the Commission may issue a final order on the application without a public hearing, pursuant to Section 69-12-321, MCA. If a protest is received, a public hearing will be scheduled. Individual notice of the hearing will be given only to the Protestants and the Applicant. Any interested person who does not want to formally participate in the matter as a protestant may submit written public comments to the Public Service Commission at the above address. Public comments may also be submitted to the Public Service Commission through the web-based comment form at Public comments, written or electronic, must be submitted no later than August 9, 2017. Please include the docket number of this matter in public comments. If additional information is required on the application, it may be obtained from the Commission, 1701 Prospect Avenue, P.O. Box 202601, Helena, Montana 59620-2601, (Telephone: 444-4266). The Montana Consumer Counsel, 111 North Last Chance Gulch, P.O. Box 201703, Helena, MT 59620-1703, (Telephone: 444-2771) is available to assist the consuming public in these matters. BY THE MONTANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. BRAD JOHNSON, Chairman TRAVIS KAVULLA, Vice Chairman TONY O'DONNELL, Commissioner ROGER KOOPMAN, Commissioner BOB LAKE, Commissioner

2712 Langohr Ave, Helena, MT