Bozeman Real Estate Group is excited to welcome Anne Kreder to its team of real estate agents. Anne has made real estate her lifelong passion, purchasing, refurbishing, renovating and restoring properties all over the country. She has set down roots in the local community and spends her time helping others create their own dream homes. Her experiences as a buyer, seller, investor, and general contractor allow her to assist her buyers in selecting the perfect property as well as envisioning all their options. Her dedication and skill set allow her to offer the best service to her clients.

Hopa Mountain invests in tribal and rural citizen leaders whose goals are improving education and economic development. Three new Board members include:

Vivian Helvik, who earned a B.A. in both Modern Languages and Literature with a minor in Latino Studies from MSU. She is director and founder of the Little Spanish Preschool, the first bilingual preschool in Bozeman and assisted in development of a children’s enrichment program in Nicaragua. Her skills as business owner, educator and advocate enhances Hopa’s mission for education and women’s economic development. She lives with husband, Justin Helvik and daughter, Wren.

Dr. Lynn Paul, MSU Professor Emerita, has served Montanans for over 30 years in the areas of preventive and comprehensive health with a focus on food and nutrition. Her work includes developing rural-focused curriculum, researching Montana-specific health needs and opportunities, and developing state-based public health initiatives. Dr. Paul’s research and practice in empowerment will help support Hopa’s work with people to develop goals and programs that enable individuals and communities to thrive. She is excited to work with Hopa Mountain’s dedicated group of knowledgeable participants, staff, fellow Board members, friends, and supporters.

Dr. Shane Doyle is the director of the American Indian Institute in Bozeman. He received his doctoral degree from MSU and a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Copenhagen. His expertise and experience as a curriculum designer, educator, historian, public speaker, Plains Indian singer and scientific researcher will help advance Hopa Mountain’s successful work with tribal communities. He will continue being a responsive and far-sighted leader for Hopa Mountain’s work and looks forward to employing his unique skill set and extensive network to collaborate with highly skilled, immensely talented and exceedingly dynamic tribal people within Montana.

Melissa Loveridge can be reached at or at (406) 582-2651. 

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