Veranda Building

The Veranda Building will be on Church Avenue between Babcock and Olive streets.

A developer has filed plans with the city for a new downtown apartment building on South Church Avenue.

The Veranda Building, a six-plex, will be on Church between Babcock and Olive streets, near Bozeman Bowl. It will be home to one one-bedroom and five two-bedroom units, each with a veranda.

The project is in the public notice period, one of the final planning stages with the city. Pending approval, Velocity Developments co-owner Dan Corbeille anticipates construction will start either this fall or next spring and should be complete by fall 2020.

To construct the building, developers will need to demolish an existing single-family home. It was built before 1891, according to city documents, and Corbeille said the house is in pretty rough shape and the foundation is compromised.

On top of that, he said the building is zoned B-3 central business district, which calls for pedestrian-friendly, multi-unit structures. The house borders a residential R-2 district, so he thinks the higher-density Veranda Building will be a nice transition between the two zones.

At 6,375 square feet, the building will be three stories tall, featuring brick and steel elements to fit in with the surrounding architecture, dark windows and an outdoor garden space on the bottom level, Corbeille said.

“We want to keep it with a kind of modern historic feel,” he said.

Each apartment will offer one bathroom per bedroom, with an open concept, high ceilings in the dining area and modern, high-end finishes. It will have more of an executive feel, he said, so rent prices will be comparable with similar projects, like Block M. Because the rental market isn’t always predictable, Corbeille said Velocity won’t have a price estimate until the building is ready to open.

“Bozeman’s market is such an odd thing, we’ll have to figure it out,” he said.

There will be six parking spaces associated with the building, with four behind it and two rented in a nearby parking lot.

Corbeille said the location was appealing because of its proximity to nearby businesses and downtown. He also wants to help create more density in the area.

“I believe downtown should have more density,” he said. “That’s how you get people enjoying downtown.”

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