Lumberjacks and lumberjills, rejoice. A Missoula ax-throwing business is opening a Bozeman location.

Called Lumberjaxe, owners hope to have it open by this fall. Primary owner Gentry Branz described it as an alternative to bowling or darts, as the space will feature about 14 targets that people can rent out by the hour.

Branz said ax-throwing is a sport that has been big in Canada, trickled down the East Coast and is just starting to pick up in Montana, with venues in Missoula and coming soon to Billings, the Billings Gazette reported.

Lumberjaxe started out as a mobile business in Missoula about 16 months ago, working events across the state. The response it got was overwhelming, and Lumberjaxe was able to open a brick-and-mortar location four months ago.

Branz said one of the owners lived in Bozeman for several years, and the business saw a good market for ax-throwing in Bozeman. It can feel like there isn’t much to do in town in Bozeman and Missoula that’s geared toward adults, he said.

“You either hit the bars, or go hit the bars,” he said.

Lumberjaxe wants to give people another entertainment option, he said, and hopes to start leagues.

It’s a good sport for people from most walks of life, he said, with teens as young as 16 allowed to participate with a parent’s permission. An 80-year-old woman also just had her birthday party at the Missoula location.

As far as safety goes, Branz said no one has ever reported getting hurt in Missoula. An employee gives everyone safety coaching at the beginning of their session, going over how to handle the ax, pass it back and forth and retrieve it from the board. All lanes are fully fenced, and there’s rubber matting on the floor.

At $15 an hour per person, it’s a good activity for individuals, groups of friends or a date night, Branz said. At its Missoula venue, throwers can bring their own beer and wine to drink while they throw, and the Bozeman location may have beer and wine for sale on site, if owners are able to secure a license.

Though owners haven’t nailed down a location yet, Branz said they’re excited to be part of the sport’s growth in Bozeman.

“It’s growing like wildfire out there, and they’re popping up everywhere,” he said. “I’m excited to get there; I just think Bozeman is an awesome, awesome city.”

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