Where you're at: Mountains Walking Brewery and Pub near downtown and just a few blocks off North Rouse. The building itself is big and surprisingly pretty, with metal sides painted white and giant windows on one side. Inside, laid back, busy but not too loud. Wood booths, ceiling and wall accents give the brewery a modern-retro feel. I went right around 7 p.m. and the wooden wall was drenched in sunlight and created a super warm, welcoming aesthetic. As far as looks, I don't think it'd be far off the mark to say Mountains Walking is one of the prettiest breweries I've ever been to. 

What you're drinking: I picked the Digger Bee honey rye. Is it because Summer Honey from Big Sky Brewing is my absolute favorite beer on this earth and I wanted to see if another honey beer measured up? Maybe. I usually love dark beers, but something about a lighter beer with honey in it makes me want to grab a tube, go to the river, and pretend I'm not getting sunburnt. 

How it tastes: The Digger Bee was crisp, summery and super easy to drink. It was just a tiny bit sweet, but not overpoweringly so. I felt like it almost had a hint of apple taste and, whether purposeful or not, that was great. Mountains Walking also sells this super-palatable beer in cans, which is a great idea on the brewery's part. I'm definitely going to be returning to Mountains Walking and trying more of their beers, but I think I found a local favorite with the Digger Bee.