When Jo Giese put her 95-year-old mother in a senior living community in Houston, the author didn't expect her to love it so much. 

"We hoped she'd like it, but we certainly didn't know that she would blossom there," Giese said. The experience prompted Giese to write what became the final chapter in her most recent book, "Never sit if you can Dance: Lessons from my Mother." The book is about Giese's mother, who everyone called Babe, and all of the wisdom Babe passed along to a sometimes-reluctant Giese. 

"It's a joyous book," said Giese, "'Never sit if you can dance' is something my mother would say to me, but I also think of it as larger than that....'Dance' to me also means, get up off your tush and move, make something of your life." 

Giese is from Seattle and lives part-time in the Bozeman area. In addition to authoring several books, she's an award-winning radio journalist, producing pieces for "This American Life" and "Marketplace." Giese said the response to her "Never Sit" was overwhelming. The book came out on Mothers Day; within a few days, it was a bestseller on Amazon. 

"People have flooded me with stories about their mothers," Giese said. "People share really personal stories when they read my personal stories, which is a big blessing." 

Giese will be sharing excerpts from her book at Country Bookshelf on July 9, starting at 6 p.m. More information can be found at www.countrybookshelf.com/event