The Chronicle has had a mixed history when it comes to regularly producing audio content for our readers, but a little bit of luck on eBay may have just changed that.

Reporter Troy Carter, always one to jump into new media experiments, won an auction on eBay a while ago for a fairly nice microphone, which he had generously agreed to use to make recordings for the Chronicle.

What kind of recordings? A podcast.

What kind of podcast? Well, the exact format of this podcast isn't certain yet. Carter has done one with an "afternoon headlines" approach, and he has teamed up with environmental reporter Michael Wright for an interview style preview of Carter's Sunday page one story on the gas tax.

Take a listen to the two episodes and let us know what you think in the comments:

Listen: Chronicle reporters discuss coming story on fuel tax proposal

We're looking for ideas for what you'd like to hear out of a regular Chronicle podcast. Send your thoughts to me at becker@dailychronicle.com or let us know here in the comments. 

As for the podcast, we'll work to get more episodes online on a regular schedule. You can subscribe using this link in apps such as iTunes so you'll be notified of future episodes.

Thanks for listening.