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^Trump is all insults and gripes on European trip — until he meets the queen<

TRUMP-BRITAIN-2ND-LEDE:LA — President Donald Trump did not act like a man about to be honored by the queen — until he came face to face with the 93-year-old British monarch Monday afternoon.

For three hours between his morning arrival at Stanstead Airport and a formal welcoming ceremony just after noon, Trump set a cantankerous tone for his five-day European trip, tweeting out a series of attacks and complaints. Trump was, by contrast, gracious in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, whom he praised as the embodiment of "duty and patriotism."

1800 (with trims) by Eli Stokols in London. MOVED


^Mexico begins trying to talk its way out of Trump's latest tariff threat<

USMEXICO-TARIFFS:LA — Senior Mexican officials launched an urgent campaign to stop President Donald Trump's latest tariff threat, telling the administration Monday they were doing their part to stem migration through their territory and that taxes on trade would only hurt both nations' economies.

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico's foreign minister, said he was confident an agreement could be reached with the U.S. but that punitive tariffs would backfire by increasing the large numbers of Central American migrants attempting to cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

1150 by Tracy Wilkinson in Washington. MOVED


^Senate Republicans warn Trump on trade over his Mexico tariff<

USMEXICO-TARIFFS-SENATE:BLO — Top Senate Republicans warned the Trump administration Monday that Congress could reclaim its tariff powers or hold up a new North American free trade deal if the White House carries out its threat to impose tariffs on Mexican imports because of immigration policy disagreements.

Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley suggested he won't begin consideration of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement if the Mexico tariffs go into place.

600 by Erik Wasson and Daniel Flatley in Washington. MOVED


^30 years ago a Chinese tank column stopped for 'Tank Man'; others not so lucky<

CHINA-TIANANMEN:LA — Everyone remembers China's "Tank Man," who stood with bags in his hands, blocking a line of tanks withdrawing from Tiananmen Square a day after the fatal June 4, 1989, military crackdown against pro-democracy protesters.

Thirty years later, Fang Zheng wonders why the tanks stopped for that man, but rolled right over him as he and other students soberly retreated after leaving Tiananmen Square that fateful day.

For survivors like Fang, the pain and trauma of the day the Chinese army turned on its own citizens is compounded by the knowledge that Chinese authorities have succeeded in burying the truth in mainland China. "They have erased all memory of what happened," said former student protest leader Wang Dan, 50, in an interview.

1550 by Robyn Dixon in Beijing. MOVED


^Without memories of 1989, young Chinese activists struggle for social change<

CHINA-TIANANMEN-YOUTH:LA — Thirty years after China sent armed troops to crush pro-democracy protests in the central Beijing square, the party-state is cracking down on a new batch of young activists, many of whom have grown up without any knowledge of 1989.

They are students, feminists, social workers and labor organizers, pushing for social change through civil society and asking for implementation of existing laws.

2050 by Alice Su in Beijing. MOVED



^Tijuana mayoral race: Tough-talking ex-cop trails businessman<

MEXICO-TIJUANA-MAYOR:LA — Businessman Arturo Gonzalez Cruz has declared victory in Tijuana's mayoral election, edging out Julian Leyzaola, a controversial ex-soldier and police chief whose candidacy made headlines across Mexico.

With 89% of ballots counted in Sunday's vote, Gonzalez was ahead with 149,164 votes compared with Leyzaola's 121,255, according to Baja California's electoral institute. Four other candidates were trailing substantially behind.

350 by Kate Linthicum in Mexico City. MOVED


^Tropical disturbance in Gulf could become cyclone by Tuesday, hurricane center says<

WEA-GULF-STORM:OS — A large area of low pressure in the western Gulf of Mexico could become a tropical cyclone by Tuesday as it moves inland over the northeastern coast of Mexico, meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center said.

Although lacking a defined circulation, the tropical disturbance has a 60% chance of formation in the next two days and a 60% likelihood of developing in the next five days, the hurricane center said.

150 by Stephen Ruiz in Orlando, Fla. MOVED



^Judge tosses House lawsuit over border wall spending<

^TRUMP-BORDERWALL:CON—<A federal judge in Washington on Monday threw out the House's lawsuit against the Trump administration over funds to construct a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, saying the courts were not the place to settle this dispute over congressional appropriations power.

The Democrat-led House filed the lawsuit challenging parts of the administration plan to spend up to $8.1 billion for construction of southern border barriers, arguing that Congress had turned aside President Donald Trump's request for $5 billion and instead appropriated $1.375 billion.

550 by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^House will vote to hold Barr in contempt over Mueller report<

CONGRESS-BARR:CON — The House will vote June 11 to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, according to a Democratic aide.

The floor action follows a party-line vote last month in the Judiciary Committee. The panel brought forth the contempt citation against Barr after the attorney general ignored its subpoena for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's full, un-redacted report and underlying investigatory material.

250 by Lindsey McPherson in Washington. MOVED


^House panel plans Mueller report hearings, starting with John Dean<

CONGRESS-MUELLER:BLO — The House Judiciary Committee is planning a series of hearings on Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, starting with an appearance by Nixon White House counsel John Dean on June 10.

"Russia attacked our elections to help President Trump win, Trump and his campaign welcomed this help and the president then tried to obstruct the investigation into the attack," committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York said in a statement. "Mueller confirmed these revelations and has now left Congress to pick up where he left off."

250 by Billy House in Washington. MOVED


^Clyburn walks back comments suggesting impeachment proceedings are inevitable<

^TRUMP-CLYBURN:CON—<The No. 3 House Democratic leader on Monday walked back comments he made a day earlier on CNN, when he said he believes the chamber will eventually open impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn criticized reporters for seizing on just one aspect of his interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union."

650 by Lindsey McPherson in Washington. MOVED


^House finally sends $19.1 billion disaster aid package to Trump's desk<

CONGRESS-DISASTERAID:CON — The House sent a $19.1 billion disaster aid package to President Donald Trump's desk Monday, more than a week after the first of three Republican holdouts objected to passing the legislation by unanimous consent.

The bill, which was the result of months of exhaustive negotiations between Republicans, Democrats and the White House, received a vote of 354-58 just hours after the House returned from a weeklong Memorial Day break. Trump has said he supports the bill and is expected to sign it.

650 by Jennifer Shutt in Washington. MOVED


^It's not just the citizenship question. 2020 census faces other woes<

CENSUS:CON — A project meant to be a decade in preparation, the 2020 census, still faces a number of uncertainties, which experts warn could lead to an inaccurate count with potentially large impacts on federal spending and congressional maps.

Though a pending Supreme Court decision over a citizenship question has dominated much of the conversation surrounding the census, other hurdles include the Census Bureau's overall funding, cybersecurity concerns and untested methods.

"A really good way to screw up the American economy and waste a lot of taxpayer money is to have a bad census," said Andrew Reamer, a George Washington University professor who studies census data.

1450 (with trims) by Michael Macagnone in Washington. MOVED


^With Blackbeard's ship, an argument about 21st century piracy lands in Supreme Court<

SCOTUS-BLACKBEARD:LA — More than 300 years ago, Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, whose whiskered visage virtually defines the image of the 18th century pirate, ran his flagship aground near Beaufort, N.C.

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal involving that ship to resolve a question of alleged 21st century piracy: Can the state of North Carolina be sued for taking someone's copyrighted work?

500 by David G. Savage in Washington. MOVED


^Expanded US prohibition on online gambling is upended by judge<

ONLINE-GAMBLING:BLO — The U.S. Justice Department's recent move to expand a prohibition on online gambling under a 1961 law was overturned by a federal judge who ruled that the measure only bans sports betting that involves interstate transactions.

The decision Monday by U.S. District Judge Paul Barbadoro in New Hampshire will be a big relief to operators of interstate lotteries and other internet-based gambling sites who feared that the Justice Department's expanded reading of the law, disclosed in January, could jeopardize all online wagering that crosses state lines.

350 by Edvard Pettersson. MOVED


^Silicon Valley battered as Washington turns up antitrust heat<

TECH-ANTITRUST-1ST-LEDE:BLO — Technology giants are girding for sweeping investigations into their business practices as top U.S. antitrust officials and lawmakers carved out a battle plan targeting Silicon Valley's best-known names, sending shares tumbling and raising the prospect of a drawn-out fight with the government.

The House Judiciary Committee said late Monday it plans a bipartisan investigation into whether digital platform companies are using their market power to harm competition. That move heightens scrutiny of Alphabet Inc.'s Google, Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook Inc.

1400 by David McLaughlin in Washington. MOVED


^In mourning, Virginia Beach workers bond at Convention Center after mass shooting<

VA-SHOOTING-3RD-LEDE:VP — Thousands of Virginia Beach city workers poured into the Convention Center near the Oceanfront on Monday to grieve their colleagues after an employee opened fire as people left work on Friday, killing 12 and critically injuring four.

A large American flag hung from a Fire Department ladder truck parked in front of the building, and a helicopter circled above.

"This is simply step one to wrap our minds and hearts around this senseless tragedy," a city spokeswoman said in an email. "A time to give one another a 'group hug.'"

700 by Katherine Hafner, Stacy Parker and Alissa Skelton in Virginia Beach, Va. MOVED


^These are the 12 victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting. Here are their stories<

VA-SHOOTING-VICTIMS:VP — It was an hour before quitting time, as workers were preparing to head home for the weekend, when a gunman stormed into the city's public works building late Friday afternoon and began firing.

1000 in Virginia Beach, Va. MOVED


^Virginia Beach gunman's resignation letter released<

VA-SHOOTING-LETTER:VP — The city has released a letter in which the suspect in Friday's mass shooting resigned from his nine-year post hours before killing 12 and injuring four.

"I want to officially put in my (2) weeks' notice to vacant (sic) my position of Engineer III with the City of Virginia Beach," DeWayne Craddock, a public utilities engineer, wrote May 31. The city redacted the exact time he sent the email.

"It has been a pleasure to serve the City, but due to personal reasons I must relieve my position."

An unspecified amount of time later, police say he opened fire on his colleagues.

300 by Katherine Hafner in Virginia Beach, Va. MOVED


^Warrants: Blood-stained clothing of missing New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos found in Hartford trash cans, records show husband's phone was in the area night she disappeared<

MISSINGMOTHER-1ST-LEDE:HC — Clothing and sponges stained with the blood of missing New Canaan mother Jennifer Farber Dulos were found in trash cans in Hartford, and cellphone records showed her estranged husband's phone was in the same area the night she disappeared, arrest warrants released Monday say.

Police also found blood stains and spattered blood in the New Canaan home of Farber Dulos on the day she disappeared, warrants say.

Fotis Dulos, her estranged husband, and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were ordered held on bail of $500,000 each Monday after a prosecutor said more charges are expected in the case.

1600 (with trims) by Dave Altimari, David Owens and Jesse Leavenworth in Norwalk, Conn. MOVED


^While family forgives, man who threw boy over Mall of America railing offers no apology, explanation before sentencing<

MALL-CHILDTHROWN:MS — The Minneapolis man who admitted to throwing a 5-year-old boy over a third-floor railing at the Mall of America earlier this year offered no apology and no explanation for his actions before he was sentenced Monday morning to 19 years in prison for his crime.

"Is there anything you want to say?" asked Hennepin County District Judge Jeannice Reding.

"No," said Emmanuel D. Aranda, dressed in an untucked button-down shirt and slacks.

900 by Chao Xiong in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Trump transition team associate arrested in NY on child porn charges<

MUELLER-WITNESS-ARREST:NY — George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman who played an unusual role on President Donald Trump's transition team, was arrested on child pornography charges in New York on Monday, federal prosecutors said.

Federal agents cuffed Nader at John F. Kennedy Airport and charged him with possessing a cellphone containing images or videos of children "engaged in sexually explicit conduct," according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office in Alexandria, Va.

300 by Chris Sommerfeldt in New York. MOVED


^Report: Cuban spy documents target security at Miami's airport; MIA says no breach<

MIAMIAIRPORT-CUBA:MI — Miami International Airport on Monday downplayed documents reportedly leaked from Cuban intelligence services showing that informants in the county facility were passing on security codes and other confidential information.

The documents reported by the CiberCuba website depict clandestine memos of MIA's internal passcodes and other details sent by an unnamed operative referred to as "El Gordo."

Lester Sola, Miami-Dade County's aviation director, said the information in the allegedly leaked documents was not credible.

400 by Douglas Hanks and Nora Gamez Torres in Miami. MOVED


^Accused killer walks out of jail, and no one is taking the blame<

JAIL-RELEASE-MIXUP:FL — Broward officials are scrambling to determine who is to blame for a mix-up that led to the wrongful release of a man accused of firing his AR-15-style rifle at a Chevy pickup in Pembroke Park, Fla., killing its driver, last October.

Eric Vail, 28, was released from custody Thursday, even though he still faces a charge of first-degree murder and was ordered held without bond. Vail had originally been charged with second-degree murder, but when the charge was upgraded to first-degree, the second-degree charge was dismissed.

800 by Larry Barszewski and Rafael Olmeda in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^NRA rebuffs senators' bid for information on Oliver North claims<

NRA:BLO — The National Rifle Association won't cooperate with an investigation by three Democratic senators into allegations of financial improprieties raised by the group's former president, Oliver North, the lawmakers said.

The senators had requested information May 3 from the NRA and its largest vendor, the advertising and public relations agency Ackerman McQueen Inc., after North warned fellow board members that spending on legal fees, travel and clothing by senior executives had violated the gun rights group's mission and threatened its tax-exempt status. North was forced out in the power struggle.

300 by Neil Weinberg and David Voreacos in New York. MOVED


^Cop who shot at autistic man rejects plea deal, heads to second trial<

MIAMI-SHOOTING:MI — The North Miami police officer accused of recklessly shooting at an autistic man holding a toy truck won't be taking a plea deal.

Officer Jonathan Aledda, who wounded the autistic man's unarmed caretaker in the controversial July 2016 shooting, on Monday rejected a proposed deal that called for no jail time, one year of probation and giving up his law-enforcement credential.

After Aledda rejected the plea deal, lawyers began picking a jury for the officer's second trial. Jury selection should take most of the week.

During Aledda's first trial in March, jurors acquitted him of one misdemeanor, but failed to reach a decision on one other misdemeanor and two felonies.

450 by David Ovalle in Miami. MOVED


^Chicago's top cop calls Chicago's most violent weekend so far this year 'despicable'<

CHICAGO-VIOLENCE-1ST-LEDE:TB — Calling Chicago's most violent weekend so far this year "despicable," police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stuck to the department's usual explanation for what went wrong, blaming the flow of illegal guns and a too lenient court system.

"Unfortunately, over the past 72 hours in Chicago, we saw a despicable level of violence," Johnson said at a news conference Monday at police headquarters. "Weekends like this remind us all of the challenges that we face and that they are complex and profound."

650 by Jeremy Gorner in Chicago. MOVED


^Police swarm mall in Torrance, Calif., after gunman opens fire<

CALIF-MALL-SHOOTING-1ST-LEDE:LA — Police are searching for a suspect in the shooting of a person Monday afternoon at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance.

The Torrance Police Department responded at 2:56 p.m. PDT to reports of shots fired at the mall in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

Upon arrival, they found one victim with a gunshot wound, who was taken to a hospital.

600 by James Queally, Richard Winton, Colleen Shalby, Alejandra Reyes-Velarde and Jaclyn Cosgrove in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Child's remains found in Arkansas are those of missing Houston girl Maleah Davis, officials say<

^TEXAS-MISSINGGIRL:DA—<A child's remains found in Arkansas last week were confirmed Monday to be those of 4-year-old Maleah Davis, the Harris County medical examiner's office said.

Maleah had been reported missing last month by the ex-fiance of her mother, 27-year-old Derion Vence.

Vence initially told police Maleah had been kidnapped by three men when he stopped to check on a flat tire on his way to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

250 by Dana Branham. MOVED


^Ex-USC soccer coach to plead guilty and cooperate in college admissions probe<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD-PLEAS:LA — A former University of Southern California soccer coach will plead guilty and cooperate with the investigation that implicated him in a college admissions scheme that sneaked the children of wealthy families into top universities by using fake athletic credentials and bribes, according to court documents filed Monday.

Ali Khosroshahin, who led USC's women's soccer program from 2007 to 2013, will plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy by June 30.

600 by Matthew Ormseth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Cricket in full swing on Ramadan nights<

RELIG-RAMADAN-CRICKET:LA — By 1:30 a.m. the cricket matches at the West Covina ballpark were in full swing. Farrukh Zafar stood in front of the wicket and gripped the flat bat made of willow wood, his eyes glued on the bowler who stood 22 yards away.

It was like a scene out of Zafar's native Pakistan, except the cheering was in English, as well as Urdu, and the field a small-scale replica of Dodger Stadium.

Late-night cricket matches are a long-standing tradition in Pakistan during Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking during the day. On this Saturday in May, scores of Muslims, both immigrant and U.S.-born, combined traditions from the motherland with the American culture that they've come to cherish.

1350 (with trims) by Melissa Etehad in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Newest undocumented immigrants are better educated, more fluent in English, study finds<

^IMMIGRANTS-BETTEREDUCATED:PHI—<The profile of immigrants who enter and stay in the United States without government permission is changing.

They're more fluent in English. And better educated.

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center, the nonpartisan institute in Washington, D.C., shows that in 2016, one-third of adult, undocumented migrants were proficient in English, meaning they either spoke only English at home or described themselves as handling the language very well.

That's up from only a quarter of migrants in 2007.

700 by Jeff Gammage. MOVED


^With Tiananmen Square 'Tank Man,' Chinese sculptor will keep democracy's flame alive in Mojave Desert<

TIANANMEN-ANNIVERSARY-STATUE:LA — The 20-foot chrome head of Vladimir Lenin springs from the Mojave Desert.

Follow a driveway past a small cyan-colored lake ringed with palms and stocked with carp, past prefabricated homes and an artist shed made of 17 wooden doors nailed together, and there is Chen Weiming, fitting treads on a large replica of a military tank.

More than 120 miles east of the San Gabriel Valley, with its vast strip malls and temples and restaurants anchoring Southern California's largest Chinese American community, the 62-year-old sculptor is building his tribute to "Tank Man," the still unidentified man who in 1989 stared down a line of Chinese tanks during the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

1150 (with trims) by Matthew Ormseth in Newberry Springs, Calif. MOVED


^After 37 years, Jimmy Carter gets tenure at Emory<

CMP-CARTER-EMORY:AT — Jimmy Carter has taught at Emory University in Atlanta for 37 years, but for all those years, he was not a tenured faculty member, a position the former U.S. president has joked he couldn't achieve.

That changed Monday. Carter, Emory's University Distinguished Professor, has been granted tenure.

300 by Eric Stirgus in Atlanta. MOVED


^American youths sue for a livable climate<

^ENV-YOUTH-CLIMATE-TRIAL:LA—<Growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, Nathan Baring has seen the signs of a warming world all around him. The winters have begun to lose their infamous chill. Thawing permafrost is shifting the ground beneath his feet. And some years, there isn't even enough snow to ski.

"If you have eyes and you walk out your back door, you can see the changes that have taken place over only my short childhood," said Baring, 19, who already has six years of climate activism under his belt.

So when lawyers asked Baring whether he'd like to sue the federal government for failing to tackle climate change, he readily agreed.

1500 (with trims) by Julia Rosen. MOVED


^Human remains found in Florida identified as young woman reported missing from Long Island<

MISSINGWOMAN-REMAINS:FL — "This is my daughter Jenna Jacobsen," Chris Jacobsen of East Islip, New York posted on May 18 along with a series of pictures of his daughter.

"She has been missing for 23 days as of today. She was last seen in Lake Worth, Florida," the posting said.

Jenna Jacobsen, 20, had traveled to South Florida to go to a substance treatment facility, her father told WPTV-Ch. 5, but she never made it there.

350 by Doug Phillips in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Psychiatrist who criticized Lindsay Lohan's doctor is sentenced for prescribing Oxycodone for cash<

DOCTOR-DRUGSALES:NY — A Manhattan shrink who shamelessly criticized actress Lindsay Lohan's doctor for turning her into a drug addict received a five-year probation sentence Monday for prescribing Oxycodone for cash.

Disgraced psychiatrist William Belfar was all smiles after the lenient sentence was imposed in Manhattan Federal Court. Judge Andrew Carter said he credited Belfar's cooperation with the government and the psychiatrist's own mental illness as reasons for mercy.

350 by Stephen Rex Brown in New York. MOVED


^Rat infestation at LA City Hall linked to nearby homeless encampments, report finds<

LA-CITYHALL-RATS:LA — When faced with complaints earlier this year from city workers about rats infesting Los Angeles City Hall, most city officials said little about whether the problem was connected to several homeless camps right outside.

But a newly uncovered report from a pest control company hired by the city has raised fresh questions about whether officials wrongly downplayed that possibility during discussions at City Council meetings.

1250 (with trims) by Dakota Smith and David Zahniser in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Man charged with killing cousin over $45 debt<

COUSIN-KILLED:SL — An argument over personal items and a $45 debt led to a homicide in St. Charles Saturday night.

100 by Daniel Neman in St. Charles, Mo. MOVED


^Anti-Semitic plot included 'kill lists' and targeted houses of worship, Calif. man admits<

KILL-LISTS-PLOT:LA — An Irvine, Calif., man who had "kill lists" of prominent Jewish figures pleaded guilty Friday to charges related to an anti-Semitic plot against three congregations in Orange County.

300 by Alexa D az in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Rare albino fawn rescued by Calif. truck driver from middle of the road<

^ALBINO-FAWN:LA—<While traveling between rice fields in Yolo County, Calif., a truck driver swerved to avoid a little white mound in the middle of the road. The driver kept going, but when he saw another truck veer behind him, he decided to turn around and investigate.

He discovered that the mound was really an animal — maybe a lamb or some kind of goat, he thought. Then he heard it mew, like a cat, and he called the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue center.

450 by Alejandra Reyes-Velarde. MOVED


^The Big Stink: Rare blossoming of corpse flower produces a notoriously pungent odor<

STINKY-FLOWER:LA — Southern Californians were treated to a spectacular wildflower bloom this spring, thanks to an unusually wet winter.

But on Sunday, hundreds of visitors got to experience a rare and unique bloom at Cal State Long Beach.

The blossoming of the Amorphophallus titanum, better known as the corpse flower, is an unpredictable phenomenon that usually occurs every five to 10 years. The flower's bloom was originally expected to take place May 22 or 23, but instead waited until this weekend to make its debut.

300 by Alexa D az and Carlos Lozano in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Universal Orlando guests complain of being 'zapped' at Volcano Bay water park<

^UNIVERSAL-WATERPARK-SHOCK:OS—<On the final day of their Orlando vacation Sunday, Sarah Carlino of Boston and her two sisters walked at Volcano Bay when her siblings both unexpectedly reacted in pain.

They both felt like they were "zapped" on their feet, Carlino said, expressing frustration about what she called Universal's slow response when guests reported being electrically shocked.

Universal would not say much about what happened Sunday at its water park other than to blame "technical issues."

400 by Gabrielle Russon in Orlando, Fla. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^A Minnesota politician for four decades, Don Fraser dies at 95<

FRASER-OBIT:MS — A soft-spoken and unassuming man, Don Fraser had staying power in the elected offices he held in St. Paul, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis over his nearly 40-year political career.

He advocated for ideas ahead of his time, pushing for human rights reform while in Congress and championing the power of early childhood education during his years as mayor of Minneapolis. He remains the longest-serving mayor in the city's history.

850 by Mara Klecker in Minneapolis. MOVED



^How 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' updated four iconic kaiju characters<

^MOVIE-GODZILLA-KAIJU:LA—<The sequel to the 2014 Gareth Edwards-helmed "Godzilla" was originally greenlighted with Edwards slated to return as director. By the time he left the film, Legendary had already secured the rights to include King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan in the sequel.

Dougherty jumped at the chance to include the three additional Toho kaiju that were available for his "Godzilla" movie.

2000 by Tracy Brown. MOVED


^What the 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' post-credits scene could mean according to the director<

^MOVIE-GODZILLA-POSTCREDITS:LA—<[Warning: This story contains kaiju-sized spoilers for "Godzilla: King of the Monsters."]

The destructive power of King Ghidorah, aka Monster Zero, was beyond even what the human eco-terrorists had hoped for. But the three-headed space dragon and his lightning-breath was ultimately no match for a thermonuclear powered Godzilla intent on proving who Earth's alpha-kaiju actually was.

550 by Tracy Brown. MOVED


^Keanu Reeves' 'Always Be My Maybe' role has everyone obsessing: Here's why<

^VID-ALWAYSBE-MAYBE-REEVES:LA—<Keanu Reeves didn't just casually pop by Ali Wong and Randall Park's Netflix rom-com "Always Be My Maybe" to turn in a quickie cameo like your basic movie star.

He stepped off the set of "John Wick 3," flew to San Francisco to deliver two of the most surreal movie scenes of the year (and make out profusely with Wong at a dinner table) — then went right back into John Wick mode to finish filming his stabby hitman threequel.

All to commit an act of absolute screen theft as the most unexpected character in "Always Be My Maybe," the buzzy rom-com packed with wall-to-wall scene-stealing talent.

1050 by Jen Yamato. MOVED


^'Always Be My Maybe's' Ali Wong and Randall Park are doing it for the Asians<

^VID-ALWAYSBE-MAYBE:LA—<It's a sunny Friday morning in downtown Culver City and Ali Wong is adamantly trying to convince Randall Park, her costar and collaborator in the romantic comedy "Always Be My Maybe," that his life is about to change.

Wong stars in the Netflix original as Sasha Tran, a celebrity chef with a dashing fiance (Daniel Dae Kim) and a picture-perfect future within her grasp. In San Francisco to open a new restaurant, she reconnects with her childhood friend Marcus Kim (Park), an unambitious musician who still lives at home.

2350 by Jen Yamato in Culver City, Calif. MOVED



^The US Women's World Cup team aims to win a fourth title, battle gender inequality<

^SOC-WORLDCUP-USA:MI—<The watershed moment for women's soccer came July 10, 1999, when 90,000 fans packed the Rose Bowl and a global TV audience of 40 million tuned in to see the Women's World Cup final between the United States and China — beating the ratings for the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals that year.

Then-President Bill Clinton, who attended the game, called it "the most important sporting event of the decade."

After Brandi Chastain made the penalty kick to seal the win for the Americans, she dropped to her knees, roared, raised her fists, and ripped off her shirt to reveal her sports bra.

1050 by Michelle Kaufman. MOVED


^Djokovic sets up Paris quarterfinals date with Zverez; Halep impresses<

TEN-FRENCHOPEN:DPA — World No. 1 Novak Djokovic crushed Jan-Lennard Struff 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 on Monday for a record 10th straight quarterfinal berth at the French Open, where he will face a likely much stronger German in Alexander Zverev.

Djokovic, 32, faced resistance from 45th-ranked Struff only early on as he is yet to drop a set. Apart from the 10 spots in the last eight at Roland Garros he also tied Roger Federer on a leading 13 quarterfinals overall at the tournament.

800 by John Bagratuni in Paris. MOVED



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