In a recent letter by Gordon Storjohann, I recognized global warming canards that have been ground out by the tireless conservative news mills. Mr. Storjohann states. "The GOP's conclusion [man-caused global warming is false] is based on actual observed temperature readings." At this point, I know some serious cherry picking, red fingers and all, is going to follow.

So we hear that James Hansen, now recovered from the demonic sway of Al Gore, says that "actual temperatures" have remained flat for a decade. Hansen is a respected climate scientist who resigned from NASA to work full time to fight global warming. I found no evidence that he has changed his views. Mr. Storjohann is right that the moving five-year average temperature has been constant for a decade, which does differ from computer projections. This is a very active area of research now.

Why doesn't this overturn the theory of man-caused warming? Because the bulk of the evidence supports and 98 percent of climate scientists (the local weatherman doesn't count) believe in this theory. This is analogous to evolution, which has many puzzling facts, but is still accepted science. Science is not dogma, and constantly needs refinements.

Cherry picking, by comparison, requires that one ignore a great mass of data and focus on a single fact. The first decade of the 21st century was 1 degree warmer than the first decade of the 20th – a great deal of energy. If Mr. Storjohann wants to do citizen science (and why not), he is obliged to explain this fact. Finally, he states that computer modelers of include "statistical manipulation to force a predetermined result." Accusations like these require evidence.

Richard Swanson


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