Everyone in the Bozeman area should be aware of a terrific, free summer resource that is available to kids 18 years old and under - the summer food service program.

The summer food service program is a federally funded program administered by Montana's Office of Public Instruction to provide healthy meals for kids during the summer months.

Here in Bozeman, the SFSP is sponsored by the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Kids can get a free lunch at either Centennial Park or MSU's SOB Barn from June 14 to Aug. 27. All kids age 18 and under are invited to drop by either of these sites for a free, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meal from noon to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The summer food service program is a great way to ensure that kids get the healthy food they enjoy during the school year, even when schools are not in session. The Food Bank also runs youth activities at these sites. All kids are invited to drop by for a meal, activities, or both. Parents are encouraged to call the Gallatin Valley Food Bank to find out more about the summer food service program.

Lori Christenson

Gallatin Valley Food Bank




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