After reading comments and editorials about the Manhattan Public Schools, I find myself among a majority of like-minded individuals as well as a few curmudgeons. With that stated, I would hope that the good people of Manhattan will realize that it is now up to them to change a history of "good ole boy" mentality.

The incident with Adam Priquette is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem here is the lack of leadership. It is the responsibility of the community, especially those with school-aged children, to contact the principal, school board and the superintendent and ask for accountability. The buck stops with the members of the school board.

We as a community should not be afraid of the consequences of standing up to authority figures. Remember that the school board members are elected public officials and there to serve us.

The new superintendent, Mr. Notaro, has an open door policy and is more than happy to talk to community members. I am hoping that the board of trustees feels the same.

A school bond levy is currently being put before the voters to provide funds for much needed repairs. Let's come together as a community with a goal to support our children's future and let's not forget to demand accountability.

Connie Boucher