The best thing that has happened to Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley is the Great Recession. It curbed the wonton destruction of the valley by developers for a few years. It sent some carpetbaggers packing. It stopped their mindless replacements from moving in.

Now that the recession is over the onslaught has begun anew. Soon, all of the county will look like Four Corners. (All that it needs to complete its transition to the most hideously ugly place in America is a rendering plant and a nuclear waste dump.) Now more Bozeman landmarks like the Rialto Theater and the Lehrkind Brewery will be ripped apart and abandoned. Yes Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley are well on their way to becoming another example of everything that is ugly, driven by the most basic of American values: greed and ignorance. The city needs a construction bond to protect what remains of what was once a wonderful (quiet) town. And the county needs a commission the will to impose restrictions (any restrictions) on the run-away development.

Why can’t people see that this area is becoming a recreation of where they all left behind?

Richard Brown