I’ve lived in the Madison Valley for 66 years, never left! It’s a good thing we didn’t block off the roads into the valley back then or there wouldn’t be many people here. The only people not liked then were road agents and land locators. Many road agents were hung, the rest fled for their lives. Land locators became real estate agents. Seems a lot of agents are hanging around town. The valley sure has changed.

I went to school in Ennis. The teachers I had knew you were either right or wrong. They didn’t believe in broader interpretations of rules or laws. They would give the Ennis school group an accounting that they wouldn’t soon forget. My math and bookkeeping teacher always said math is perfect, figures don’t lie, but there are a lot of liars out there figuring; that is why we have accountants. He always said both sides of a balance sheet must come out the same. If you’re off one cent, you’re wrong. Start over and find the problem. I’ve taken Ennis school budget figures supplied by board members, the superintendent, and real estate agents, but none of them work out. The numbers indicate that millions are missing. Maybe they’re just giving out bad figures.

If you don’t think the Ennis School should have a comprehensive audit, you should sign up for their adult education classes. Think I’ll sign up for Zumba. I’ll sell my hat, boots, and spurs and buy a baseball cap, silk shorts, and tennis shoes. After my Zumba class I can turn my cap sideways and be a real estate agent. I’ll bet a lot of folks are glad we didn’t lock the valley up some 60 years ago. I’m going to go figure!

Allen Daems