A “quote” from the Feb. 14 Chronicle contained a dilly from Gov. Bullock, when he claimed he told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that it was “none of your damn business” when Reid called him to discuss the Max Baucus replacement. If you believe that, then the next thing the governor will try to sell us is some swampland in Florida.

Most thoughtful and non-partisan analysts easily conclude that the Sen. Max Baucus resignation was done to bolster Mr. Walsh’s political aspirations and several other Democratic senators who have been elevated in the Senate Committee structure in order to improve their ability to raise campaign funds. This whole situation was vetted quite well by editorial boards in all the major papers in the state (except the Bozeman Chronicle). Check out the opinion page of the Feb. 13 Montana Standard in Butte, Walsh’s hometown paper, where the headline reads: “Walsh wrong choice for Senate; Decision called “an affront” to the Baucus 35-year legacy.”

I think that says it all.

Gus Pfaehler



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