Times of scarce resources and rising needs in the Bozeman School District call for creative measures. Who better than to come up with an energized, original, professional, personal, hilarious, and simply brilliant solution, than Bozeman's music teachers.

In the 2nd Annual Raise the Roof! concert, the crew of music educators from every school in the district put their personal time and musical talents into designing and staging a two-hour, 15-act performance for K-12 students, parents and the community. The concert was free, with a request for donations for the Bozeman Public Schools Music Department to upgrade, repair and purchase music equipment and instruments for our exploding elementary population.

Think about how typical fundraisers go in Bozeman. You give money to an entity or cause in exchange for some bling that you do not even really want; art through a silent auction, cooking lessons through a raffle, a T-shirt. In lieu of some material item, these Bozeman music teachers gave us an invaluable experience of music, singing, and Stomp-like performances that proved to be a window into the quality of the education our children receive.

Their last number was the famous song from "Grease," "We Go Together." I think they intended this song to be reflective of themselves as a group, given their high level of camaraderie. But, more broadly, they also brought "us" together as a community that evening and do so every day in the classroom.

So, please Bozeman community - look into your closets for those quality musical instruments that are no longer being played and donate them to Bozeman Public Schools Music Department for our children. Your tax write-off will go to great use as these high-quality, talented music teachers enrich the lives of our children and, through music, indeed bring us together.

Liz Shanahan