The Chronicle sports editor and columnist, Tim Dumas, is leaving Bozeman. During his tenure at the Chronicle, Tim wrote about running, sports and life. He also ran and raced long distances with many of us Bozeman runners. An essential part of our community is leaving us.

Narratives supply the nuance and structure that both animate our daily activities and render our special moments even more meaningful. Tim's writing did this for us runners. From the Masters Mile to the morning Christmas run, from the Frank Newman marathon to the Spokane 50K, from Huffing for Stuffing to the Ridge Run - Tim's words memorialized our races and workouts, and reinforced all those intangibles that drive us to lace up the shoes and get out the door every day. He writes from experience and from the heart, and does what all good writers must do: respect the truth. Sometimes the truth about running evades even the runner. That's why we need writers like Tim. He brought us one step closer to what all this craziness means, and why we do it.

And we won't forget that Tim, as one of the top masters runners in Montana, kicked our collective running butts on more than one occasion. His legacy includes a smokin' 2:58 marathon win in the first annual Bozeman marathon this last September.

Our bard, Tim Dumas. We have been lucky that he found a temporary home in Bozeman. His next running community will be just as fortunate. Thanks, Tim, for your camaraderie as a running partner and your talent as a writer. We will miss you.

Don Demetriades