Thank you for publishing Mr. Kriegel's article,"Name-calling makes the tea party stronger." He is right on! My wife and I marched in the Bozeman Tea Party last year and attended the Ennis Fourth of July parade this year. False reporting and comments regarding these events by the liberal news media is so biased as to be laughable. The reason liberals have to resort to dishonesty is because their core beliefs of income redistribution and more and more government control cannot be defended either morally or economically.

We in the tea party movement, and many others, believe in individual creativity, family values, fiscal responsibility and God. We know that from our optimistic outlook on life that we can control our own lives without the heavy hand of government control and onerous taxes. Income can only be generated by the private sector, and the more the government controls and taxes the more it will thwart the economy.

To get government control out of our lives is vital for our national survival. When November arrives we will get back on track by electing leaders with our principles at heart and the courage and ability to implement them.

Gordon Storjohann



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