It appears that the "good ol' boys" club is alive and well in Manhattan, Mont.

I want a job teaching in the grade school in Manhattan. I can strut around the halls making lewd comments to students. I can also practice a v-notch and Vulcan grip on unsuspecting kids and, best of all, I can make fun of their physical and emotional handicaps - what a way to build up their impressionable minds and self esteem!

When parents have a problem with this, the school board can give me a year off (paid vacation) and give me a letter of recommendation so I can terrorize more children at a different school!

What in the world are the school board members thinking? If this had happened to one of their children would they have responded in the same manner? At least four out of the six board members haven't had kids in the Manhattan schools for years. It's past time to get rid of the dead weight and elect some board members who have a conscience and look out for the best interests of our children!

Lorraine Ries