The old saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child," and the town of Livingston is doing exactly that. As the executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park County, it is not only my job to ensure that children in need of a positive role model are provided mentoring relationships, but also to identify and collaborate with other entities in the community ensuring that everyone is looking out for the youth in this community.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters we focus on relationship building through mentoring opportunities. These relationships provide children with both a healthy social and emotional well-being. I realize the only way for us to be successful at doing what we do well is by having a healthy community infrastructure to work from.

I do not have space in this letter to mention all of the wonderful organizations, businesses and people helping to provide a healthy community infrastructure, but do want to recognize a new initiative: The Livingston youth soccer programs has been working to raise funds to build the North Side Park, a place for youth to have access to soccer fields to play on in addition to a wonderful open space park that the entire community can access, in a central part of the community. This park will serve as a hub for our youth, being a location for team sports, trails and open space.

So remember, as we all strive to support the youth in this community, we must first provide a healthy community infrastructure that allows for youth to make healthy lifestyle choices. At BBBS we take the stance of role modeling healthy lifestyles and choices for our program participants and encourage everyone else in this community to do the same through collaborative community support of old and new initiatives.

Ciara Wolfe, Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Park County


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